PAL 81st Anniversary

In mid-2020, we were unsure of everything but this: the live events industry will be the last industry to fully recover. But here we are, 2 years after, back on stage with a live crowd!

We’re not going to tell you that being back was as easy as riding a bike because it wasn’t. Mounting live events now means we must be extra cautious in delivering that same quality of production pre-pandemic while ensuring that everyone is and feels safe.

Good thing we did this event in collaboration with Ace Saatchi & Saatchi. Working with a partner who trusts and values your expertise made this come back a bit easier.

Philippine Airlines celebrated its 81st anniversary last March. This momentous milestone marks a fresh start, a rebirth, as they usher in their new set of leaders. The brief was simple: create an intimate hybrid media event, guests attended on-site and online, to introduce the young, revitalized, and future-forward management.

Since this was a media event, we focused on the following aspects:

Health and Safety

– For everyone’s peace of mind, all manpower underwent an antigen test a day before the event. It was mandatory to present negative antigen results before going onsite.

– A health and safety marshal ensured that all working members wore their masks properly, sanitized regularly, and changed masks periodically.

– Guests were required to present their vaccination cards before entering the grand ballroom.

– Speakers and host had their assigned microphones to ensure no one shared the same mic.

Comfortability of Guests

– The usual round table set up that sits 10 pax was limited to 5 persons per table.

– The food was served individually per table.

– Guests were reminded to always keep their masks on, with exemptions during lunch and photo taking.

Keynote Presentations  

– The presentations of the leaders followed a sleek premium design, heavy on visuals and keywords, inspired by the executions of tech brands.

– Even though the program starts early in the morning, rehearsals of the leaders were prioritized. Since this was their first time to be speaking to a crowd, their blockings were simplified allowing them to move comfortably and connect with the audience. We made sure that they were able to present themselves with confidence.

This was just our first hybrid event for the year. And without a doubt, everyone’s excited to be back – we’ve seen the enthusiasm of the guests being in the same room with their friends. It’s a hopeful sight to see.

We might have played it a bit too safe, but we cannot wait to reinvent how we do hybrid events!

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