Unleash Maya: The Maya Launch

Change is never easy. 

Having to expand, learn, unlearn, and adapt is a tedious process that involves a lot of trial and error. But, with enough grit and a clear goal in mind, change can become both a beautiful result and a rewarding journey. 

Such is the case Maya, formerly and more popularly known as PayMaya. With their new tagline, “It’s everything and a bank”, Maya has undergone one of the biggest rebrands of any fintech company in the country. 

As with any event on this scale and level, getting from point A to point B is not always so straightforward. As a first-time client, Maya was keen to have every detail of this execution done perfectly down to a T. This is where adaptability comes in. Despite external factors that forced us to shift from one plan to another, we were able to translate Maya’s brand personality into an experience. Originally set as an outdoor launch, our team ultimately decided to execute this indoors due to factors such as the timing and season when the event would be taking place, the corresponding alert levels in the area, and the national elections that were yet to happen. All these could have affected the number of guests and overall safety protocols. 

To ensure that this transformation will still leave its mark, we helped launch the Maya App in three different ways through the Employee Launch, the Media Launch, and the Corporate Launch. This three-part hybrid launch is an extremely bold move seeing as Maya is one of the few, if not the only fintech company to launch their rebrand live this 2022. Launching three events in one day is not an easy feat, but we were able to curate and tailor-fit all three launches to their target audience.

Of course, health was a top priority, with strict health protocols in place. Part of Stratminds’ health and safety protocols is the mandatory testing of all collaborators and talents a day before the event. As for the guests, they are requested to present their vaccination cards upon event registration. Sanitation areas have been set up throughout the venue for guests’ ease. There were also constant reminders to wear mask and sanitize periodically. And as part of the safety plan, hosts and speakers have their own designated microphones to avoid sharing of mic.

The Employee Launch was the most lighthearted of the three, geared toward engaging the Maya employees into sharing their experience with the new Maya App. To help with this engagement, we created and moderated games that the employees could participate in.

The Media and Corporate Launches were a way to share the news of PayMaya’s rebrand further with the public. Set up at the Fifth at Rockwell, this part of the event boasted interactive and fun displays to help people understand the app more. The purple and green production design gave this launch a cool, fun, and edgy overall feel.

Some of the Maya executives took the stage during the Media Launch to act as a panel for an open Q&A portion. More experts and heads in finance also shared their knowledge during the Corporate Launch. The large, bright displays during the presentations helped give the bold yet premium and sleek feel of Maya.

The Media and Corporate Launch ended on a fun note as up-and-coming musician Ena Mori lit up the place with her lively and electrifying music.

Fintech can be an intimidating field if looking in from the outside, but Maya had the vision to make it more approachable and suited to the generation of today, and with that vision, this hybrid launch proved to be just as vibrant as they hoped it would be. There were many firsts with this project as everything asked of us for this was new: a new client, a new brand persona, and a new take on staging events. It was indeed a test of adaptability, but we made it happen.

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