Carrier Invisible Event

Ace Saatchi & Saatchi, Carrier’s ad agency, tapped Stratminds to actualize their vision for the brand.

The Invisible Event is an experimental, first-of-its-kind, out-of-the-box experience. On paper, there’s no doubt the idea is highly creative. And putting this idea into a reality is quite nerve-wracking. Not because we don’t believe we can pull it off, but it’s the constant questioning of how can we deliver their vision and exceed the client’s expectations.

The Vision: The first-ever virtual sensorial virtual event in the country

Anchored on the message “what affects us the most can’t be seen,” a monochromatic set became the main visual of the event. No hosts on set, no animated overlays, just the blue living room setup.

Voice overs guided the viewers throughout the event. Music and sound effects were vital to elicit imagination and emotions.

All guests received a Sensorial Gift Box hours before the event. Each item in the box was highlighted in the course of the program. Items were used as discussion points that tied in the Carrier products.

Turning projects like this needed competent and proven collaborators. Stratminds made sure that we work with the best people to turn this vision into a reality. It’s an honor to be trusted by clients to make unique and innovative ideas with them.

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