PLDT Home x Home Buddies Digital Activation

Creating an engaging and immersive experience for the online public audience is tricky. At some point, you will exhaust all the possible built-in platform tools to turn your viewers into participants. Throw in the challenge of making the audience stick ‘til the end. How can we compete with the limited attention span of the viewers?

These were all tested in the online activation of PLDT Home with the Home Buddies Philippines community.

Knowing and understanding the audience is the key to generating participation and engagement. It was also a good thing that the team was already part of the community even before the activation. This gave us an advantage in strategizing the program.

The community is responsive especially when presented with an opportunity to win. Connecting the community’s interest with the brand, PLDT Home, we capitalized on showcasing the brand’s promise of fast internet connection through smart home products.

The program now became a combination of e-commerce, product demo, and raffle. Everything was visual: interesting design, dynamic graphics, and animated host.

The combination of all these factors resulted in high engagement numbers.

And these numbers were backed with positive comments from the audience.

This activation once again proved that while the platform plays a vital part in captivating the audience, it’s our understanding and perception of the audience that will make the difference. Tailor-fit solutions will bring you KPI success. Watch PLDT Home Do It Better Home Buddies Activation here.

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