Smart Infinity Relaunch

Smart relaunched its revitalized premium postpaid brand Smart Infinity to select press and publications in a virtual media launch.

Being able to handle the past media launches for the different brands under Smart has given us leverage. In a way, we already have a general idea of what works with the brand and its audience. But at that point, we’ve already done several virtual media launches. Producing a program that stands out from the previous ones was the challenge.  We cannot eliminate the limitations of the platform and safety restrictions in conceptualizing a fresh take on a media launch.

At first, we were boxed in our proven formula. The event did not call for an out-of-the-ordinary treatment. It needed a premium and elevated execution that is true to the Smart Infinity persona.

There’s nothing groundbreaking in these components, but the impact was evident.

1. Flipbook

Veering away from the usual digital invites, the press received a Flipbook which served as a primer about the brand and their official e-vite.

2. Black & White Treatment

The host and pre-recorded messages from the executives were rendered in black and white. This color treatment elevated the speeches and created a distinction from the past speeches. The black and white gave off a minimalist approach which eliminated visual noise thus, highlighting the messaging of the speakers.

This media launch proved that knowing the formula allows you to play with it, even tweak it. Shaking things up is always a good idea. And sometimes, the smallest modifications can render the most impact.