The Inevitable Drone Show

By March of this year, people are used to “attending” events in their homes. The idea of your favorite band performing right in your living room is not new at this point. It’s no secret that there are a lot of limitations in delivering a new kind of experience. But there must be something we can do somehow, right?

Lucky enough for Stratminds, we were tapped by Smart Communications to launch their campaign’s TVC starring Hyun Bin and Son Ye Jin. And this time, we get to play with a new medium.

From storyboard to the sky

The brand wanted to retell the story of their TVC through a drone show. Then, the project turned a different turn. The brand’s newest endorsers, Ben & Ben, will release the TVC’s theme song, Inevitable. And the drone show must incorporate the folk-pop band into the narrative.

Since this was a new medium for us, we were unsure how our ideas would translate into the sky. The limitations of using drones were added to the mix of challenges. How can we create a clear, exciting, and on-point narrative in 10 images and 90 lights?

Good thing, we had awesome collaborators. We had the drone provider, the band, and the brand working together to be able to tell the right story and leave an amazing experience for the viewers.

Ben & Ben performed the theme song in their studio. A curved LED screen was used as their background to tie in the overall visuals. Their performance feed is interspersed with the live feed of the drone show from Luneta Park Burnham Green. To ensure that we avoid technical glitches, the broadcast team livestreamed at the venue to receive and transmit the drone feed in real-time.

This drone show is definitely one for the books for Stratminds. Nothing is impossible with the right collaborators, a clear vision, and a great audience.

Watch the Inevitable Drone Show here.