Simple, Smart Ako Press Launch

Third month into our new normal, Stratminds Events remotely mounted its first-ever virtual event production. Aside from the challenge of working apart, the team only had seven days to conceptualize and produce Smart Communication Inc.’s Smart Ako Launch.

Given all the limitations, Stratminds focused on the most important thing for this launch – to get the message across the virtual audience.

We teamed up with one of the leading stream engineers in the country now to ensure the quality of the virtual show. But having the best people doesn’t always guarantee flawless execution. With that in mind, the key speeches were pre-recorded via Zoom.

Even though virtual production is unusual to us, the team stayed true to the core of live events production. Rehearsals play a vital role in any show, and even though this event has a tight lead time, we made it to a point to rehearse the show two days before the event. This time was also used to guide the speakers on how to place, modify, and troubleshoot their devices and equipment for the program.

There are a lot of communication barriers that can pop up in mounting an event purely online, especially during the live stream. We acknowledged this problem head-on and devised a three-way communication channel for the client, the production, and the show team.