Smart Signature Media Launch

If you frequent EDSA, you have probably seen the billboard that has a gold brush stroke and the suggestive one-liner @ReimaginePH copy on the side a few months back. And if you are part of those curious minds who looked it up just because you gotta know, you surely scrolled through a particularly curated Instagram feed that “sells” you a wow-lifestyle. After weeks of seeing the gold brush turned to a fully-realized ad seeing Catriona’s face on the billboards, finally, everything made sense.

Honestly, this was one, if not the only longest projects Stratminds had handled. How long? Well, let’s just say from the moment those cryptic billboards were up until the TVC breaks in your televisions and phone screens, that long. Hey, we’re not complaining though, because that meant we had the luxury of time.

With time in our hands, we crafted a night that brings that curated lifestyle Instagram feed that is Smart Signature to life.

Smart Signature is the revolutionary postpaid mobile experience from Smart. With a reimagined postpaid plan, Smart Signature prioritizes life-goal slayers to a worry-free mobile experience by giving them control over their plans. The brand’s promise, or the three pillars, served as the blueprint of the event. Every tiny detail was conceptualized to highlight priority, in-control, and worry-free experience.  On June 14th, we introduced the Art of Signature Living. 

The Art of Signature Living featured three highlights:

Smart Signature, Postpaid Reimagined

Look back and relive the highlights of #SmartSignature. Embrace a revolutionary new mobile experience that prioritizes you, lets you stay in-control and keeps you worry-free. ✨ #ReimagineLife with a new Signature Lifestyle. Follow us on Instagram at @reimagineph for more surprises.

Posted by Smart Communications, Inc. on Monday, July 1, 2019

Pop-up Studios

We hopped on the photo-studio-trend and created three booths. Each booth offered a unique photo experience that highlights the essence of the three pillars. In collaboration with three trailblazing photographers, the photo studios came to life. Andrea Beldua, Dookie Ducay, and Shaira Luna designed the studios according to the pillars their booth represents but their personal touches in the details were still evident.

Sound Reimagined

Collaboration is a running theme for the night. We invited five respected artists to reinvent the sound of today. Musical director Paulo Zarate and DJ Mark Nicosia headed the process of selecting and tuning in the music to create the Sound Reimagined. With John Sedano on the deck, Princess Ybanez’ rocking the violin, Ira Cruz all out on his guitar solos, and the powerful voices of Nicole Asensio and Basti Artadi gave soul and life to the musical arrangement.

The Face of Smart Signature

Of course, Smart Signature Media Launch wouldn’t be complete without the presence of the ultimate life-goal slayer, Catriona Gray. We do not have to actually do any drama in introducing her because honestly, Catriona strutting the stage with her signature lava walk and slow-mo twirl is all the drama everyone needed.

Working with Catriona means working with the Miss Universe Organization. When it comes to working with an international organization like the MUO, every detail that involves them has straightened out that at a glance looks excruciating. But in reality, laying everything out, like in any other instance, makes the work lighter for everyone involved.

Another event for the books, another eureka moment for us. With a whirlwind of experience mounting this event, we can’t help but take note of these three points:

 We know, collaboration is the new cool kid on the block. To think about it, collab isn’t a new concept, but in recent years everyone is clamoring for it. We guess collaboration inspires marketers and brands to go out of their little boxes and actually go crazy. Collaboration actually proves that creation is a process that is best seen from another perspective.

Imagination and reimagination should be a constant. When everything is almost possible and has been done, where does one go? We don’t have an actual answer to that, but all we learned is that reimagination of the reality is the route to go.

 This isn’t new to anyone, especially to us who actually design your experience, but Smart Signature emphasized that at the end of the day, it’s not entirely about the product, it is how you build your guest’s experience around the product.