PLDT Home Fibr Activations

In recent months, Stratminds Events has been working closely with PLDT Home Fibr to deliver unified but still uniquely flavored activation for the events they are partnering with.

These activations have a varying target market that the agency has to take into consideration especially in creating bite-sized activities designed for the market. Take a look into what activities we cooked for certain crowds.

Every great adventure starts at home

Klook Travel Fest 2019

Last March, PLDT powered Klook Travel Fest 2019. The activation revolved around the idea of how strong internet connection can bring you to places. To highlight the fast connection, we had four brand ambassadors wearing the national costume of the four Klook destination deals roaming around the venue. Starting the great adventure at PLDT’s booth, guests must scan the QR codes found at the map to locate the brand ambassador. Once located, the guest must take a selfie with the brand ambassador, connect to PLDT’s wifi and then post the photo using the official hashtags. Participants were able to get freebies from PLDT.

PLDT Home Fibr powered homes = happy moms

Mommy Mundo World 2

Targeted to moms, the next activation’s booth activity was kept simple, easy, but personalized. The idea was to give the guests something practical but with a personal touch. We partnered with a calligraphy mom artist to customize the pouches PLDT Home Fibr booth visitors will be receiving.

Learning is easier with the fastest home connection

The Learning Caravan

From travelers to moms, and now, to kids. Now, there could be tons of possible activities for the kids, but how can we maintain an easy, age-inclusive learning game for the booth visitors. We thought of combining shapes and color identification to create an interactive game for the kids. Shape Hunt, as we called it, also became a bonding experience for the kids and their parents.

World-class service supports world-class talents

Upeepz Era Fundraiser Concert

A digitally driven activity for a social-media savvy dance market. The guests strut the runway and show their dance moves while they’re at it.

It is always a challenge to offer a different experience every time. Sometimes a flexible budget will give you a variety of options to get crazy, but if that’s not the case, it surely won’t hinder you to explore and get creative.