The Epic Christmas Hunt

In time for the holiday season last 2018, Smart launched its partnership with Netflix bringing entertainment on-the-go for Filipinos. Of course, we recreated a Netflix favorite for this launching!

Taking cues from the Netflix Original, The Christmas Chronicles, we brought Pierce’s home right at the heart of Mall of Asia’s Main Atrium. Mall goers had the opportunity to tell Santa they’ve been good through a video booth inspired by Katy Cat’s bedroom. But instead of going for the old school video cam, we opted to use the new iPhone XS Max 😉. The Pierce Christmas wouldn’t be complete without cookies! Smart subscribers designed their Christmas-themed cookies and got to take them home (or ate it right there, we can’t blame them, those cookies are so good!)

But that’s not all! We literally had entertainment on-the-go that day! If you’ve seen The Christmas Chronicles, you know that Katie, Teddy, and Santa had a series of misadventures and a lot of sleigh rides to save Christmas. So, we plotted a series of challenges (inspired from the movie, of course) hidden around Mall of Asia for Smart influencers and their teams to accomplish. From cookie decoration, to sleigh relay, they did it! To ensure the team’s safety and to avoid causing panic to the mall goers, the teams were accompanied by one Team leader, a bouncer, and medic. We also made sure that the teams were properly briefed about the to-dos and what not. We didn’t used envelopes for the clues this time, instead, we generated QR codes. Since Smart’s LTE is said to be the fastest LTE network in the country, scanning these codes weren’t a problem.
Six stops and an hour later, Trina Guytingco’s Team Comet outdid the rest of the groups and won The Epic Christmas Hunt challenge.

A wonderful ending to an epic day was Smart and Netflix representatives exchanging lighted gift boxes as the start of their wonderful partnership. And just like a Christmas themed movie, Christmas carols was performed, but this time, by a jazz band.