Smart Launches iPhone XS Max

Apple has been surprising the world consistently with innovation after another. And when they announced they’ll be launching yet another generation of iPhone, all the Apple fans counted days and nights to get their hands on the newest phone. Luckily for Smart Subscribers, the wait was an experience.

On the 26th of October, One Digital Store sparkled in gold. Inspired by opulence, grandiose, and exclusivity, Smart launched iPhone XS Max to the chosen few. Every detail was made sure to delight the guests – valet service for hassle-free parking, grazing table adorned with treats infused with gold, gold boxes installation, and jazz performer for the perfect house music.
Oh, did we mention Kris Aquino hosted the unboxing?

The event space was the challenge for this event. The space is almost triangular in shape, with limited area. Since this is an operational store, most of the furniture pieces can’t be moved. Given this circumstance, we maximized the space by using cocktail tables. We transformed the transaction counters as the tech booth.

iPhone XS has the portrait camera feature that produces crisp photos with depth. The event’s official photographer used iPhone XS instead of his professional camera. And honestly, we can’t see any difference in the photos! In fact, all the photos in this blog is captured by the iPhone XS Max.

The highlight of the night was the unboxing of the phone. Unlike regular unboxing, we had a little surprise for the lucky Smart Postpaid subscribers who upgraded their phones to iPhone XS. Little did they know that the iPhone XS they were expecting was upgraded to iPhone XS Max! On top of that, they also received MVP Rewards Card loaded with ten thousand pesos. iPhone boxes were part of the gold boxes installation. In an organized manner, One Digital Store staff handed the boxes to the Smart Postpaid subscribers. On cue, they unboxed their iPhones. This is one exclusive night with exclusive perks.

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