Aston Martin All-New Vantage Philippine Launch

Known for being raw, calculated, and beautifully designed, Aston Martin’s newest creation proudly separates itself from the rest.

The all-new Vantage is the manifestation of everything that is beautiful in the Aston Martin line. Distinguished by its animalistic character, the Vantage is a hauntingly beautiful beast that the sight of it alone leaves an exhilarating sensation. In fact, this might be the most impressive car in the Aston Martin history.

We deviated from the minimalist yet sophisticated launching that the Aston Martin Manila fans have grown to. Taking inspiration from Vantage’s distinguished character, we created a stylized jungle for the predator. The Okada Grand Ballroom was adorned with vertical gardens and to top it off, the room was painted with pink and blue lights. At the center of the room was of course, the predator’s cage. The Vantage was enclosed in a black-box type of cage with an almost see-through LED screen. It’s iconic tailgate light was also recreated in the photo wall and inside the black-box cage which turned to the backdrop for the DJ.

We take the guests into the world of the Vantage. A montage of predators, hunters, and wild animals played on the screen to tease the crowd. Two contemporary dancers from Ballet Manila danced to the calculated percussion mixed with hints of epic sound. On cue, the see-through LED screen is lifted, the all-new Vantage is unleashed.

Just like the all-new Vantage, this might be the most impressive unveiling we had for Aston Martin Manila.
But we know this is not the last from the British brand and we cannot wait for the next beauty to hit Manila roads.

Click to watch the video.