Welcome Home to La Germania

This 2017, La Germania Philippines, handled by General Heat Corporation and TW Co. Inc., aims to be more visible and relevant to the market. With that in mind, La Germania hosted an intimate luncheon event at Chef Laudico’s Guevarra’s last June 14, 2017.

The Art of Cooking Beautifully. That’s the anchor of this timeless Italian kitchen appliance brand. Guided by the brand’s promise, Stratminds Events has developed a program and production design wherein the art of cooking beautifully meets the modern man lifestyle.

To showcase the art of cooking, the team created a mock kitchen setup, the type you see in home magazines, the kitchen you wish you have, as the stage for the event. Since the venue has a limited space for everyone to see what’s happening onstage, the treatment for the program follows a cooking slash talk show format.

We literally had three wireless cameras all over the venue. Live feed was patched in to each of the room’s TV screens for them to watch what’s cooking on the main stage. We have commissioned a lighting designer for movies, Dix Buhay, who’s the lighting designer for Mike de Leon’s upcoming movie Citizen Jake, to create a glossy looking set.

We have ensured that we get the best and the perfect people to meet the event’s requirements.

From the host’s Stepford housewife look to modern, empowering do, to a contemporary, Scandinavian kitchen look amidst an almost century-old house turned restaurant, we made sure that these imageries spoke the message we wanted to convey: La Germania is here to stay.