Surpass: The 2018 Bridgestone Dealers’ Conference

Last February 12, 2018, Bridgestone dealers from all over the country convened once again for the annual Bridgestone Dealers’ Conference held at Makati Shangri-La, Manila.

The whole day conference was an opportunity for the management to align their vision for the year with that of their dealers. From rallying everyone to act and be one in achieving their 2017 goal, this year, we went beyond conditioning them to unite. We dug a little deeper to create a meaningful and more productive conference. Client posed the question: with all that we have achieved, what is next for Bridgestone? Sales growth? Bigger dealer network? More partners? We tried to answer this important question through a series of learning opportunities and discussions.

More than laying down the plans for the year, Bridgestone Conference 2018 focused on delivering ideas and insights that are useful for the dealers to fully achieve their own growth as individual business owners. Through the help of Bridgestone’s marketing agencies, we opened the floor for discussion to involve them more in the process. By inviting them to partake in crafting their promotions for the year, Bridgestone empowered their dealers and reinforced their partnership.

We have invited KindMind Experience Design, a team of highly creative individuals who are passionate about re-designing and re-imagining customers’ experience, to reinforce the importance and value of customer experience to businesses like theirs. Through an engaging discussion to hands-on workshops, Bridgestone dealers got to map their customers’ journey, and design the experience for them.

The conference started with a simple question, what’s next? Well, we hope that the series of activities and talks guide the dealers towards the next steps.