Free YouTube Every Day Launch

PLDT’s tri-network – Smart, Sun Cellular, and TNT, have always been in the service of the Filipinos. With their pursuit for innovation to help everyone daily, they’ve partnered with the biggest content platform in the world, YouTube. Smart Communications and YouTube is one groundbreaking partnership, and Stratminds Events is very proud to have been part of this innovation.

Last April 17, 2018, the partnership was formalized at the Manila Ballroom of Manila Marriott Hotel. Together with the media, pool of YouTube Content Creators, and VIPs from PLDT-Smart and Google, we revealed the product and partnership.

The whole event was anchored in the idea of two masses converging, forming a bigger entity. From one idea to another, it dawned to us – why don’t we literally have a reveal mechanism that highlights the act of converging? Since we have identified that the promo and partnership centers on the power of one-hour video streaming, it would be perfect to highlight this through gigantic LED screens, the representation of our mobile phones.

Screens were configured differently to create an illusion of scattered screens. These screens moved attuned to the beat of the epic music and to the play of lights. Alas forming a panoramic LED screen. Once formed, the promo badge and TVC was revealed.

Videos were vital to the event, so were screens. Aside from the LED screens onstage, we used several television screens to create the Passion Wall, a curated wall showing videos of the eight passion points of Filipinos on loop. This curated wall is the perfect backdrop for the event. Inspired by the glamorized combinations of zooming and slow-mo effects, we created the manual “glambot” version. These videos served as the event’s sustaining material shared by the tri-network’s pool of YouTube content creators.

YouTube is known to be the go-to source of the hottest artists’ music videos, snippets of their concerts, and covers. During the launch, we tweaked it a little bit to re-live the hippest concerts brought to us by Smart Music Live. We’ve chosen the most viewed concert performances video of the three artists visiting Manila that month – Katy Perry, Ed Sheeran, and Bruno Mars and re-created these performances through live dancers and lighting design that simulates that of the concert.

The night was centered on the innovative product of Smart, Sun Cellular, and TNT in bridging Filipinos to the world, to their passions, and to their interests. We’re glad to showcase our passion for creating experiences through this event.