FOX+ Showdown

Another first for Stratminds Events, the FOX+ Showdown is in collaboration with four respected agencies in their fields. Well, if you have different heads in one table cooking something extraordinary, expect limitless possibilities and pretty crazy what ifs! (Which eventually turned into reality ?)

First things first, what is Fox +? It’s basically an app that enables you to stream and download different Fox produced shows, movies, documentaries, even live sports – all in your phone (or tablet)! The app was launched last year through mobile networks, but this year, FOX wants to get the app closer to the public through an event that would catch their eyes and stick in their minds.

FOX+ Showdown is anchored on the idea that with all the content available in the app, you cannot help but watch them all. Four celebrities housed inside their boxes to binge on FOX+ while they are live on Facebook, who will be the last player binging? Of course, we throw in challenges, pranks, and twists dictated by the online viewers to make the game exciting and to push one of them to tap out. Consider it your live reality show wherein the players do anything and everything to get the prize, and bragging rights of course.

Because the app offers an entertainment with a plus, we’ve designed the main booths to be giant yellow and black plus sign. It was unfortunate that this wouldn’t be captured from above because of the raging rains. The setup is heavy on the technical side with all the cameras, screens, and lighting and all these were vital to the success of the event. Each box has a GoPro camera strategically attached at the top, so we don’t miss out on their reactions. Wireless cameras were also deployed for an overall shot of what’s happening.

It was crucial that the lights, sounds, and visuals are synchronized, especially when the players press the buttons. Specific lights and sounds design was developed for each time a button is pressed.

Since the game is happening live, we don’t have full control on what’s gonna happen next. This uncertainty adds flavor, drama, and excitement to the game, for after all the public decides who gets the round. At the end of the day, a woman outlasted them all. And as for us, we’re glad to deliver entertainment definitely with a plus.