Firestone Press Launch

Our client, Bridgestone Philippines, has commissioned the agency to officially launch Bridgestone’s subsidiary, Firestone Tires, to the Philippine market. Through an intimate gathering with their friends from the media at Brick and Mortar, BGC, we introduced Firestone to the local motoring scene.

Since Firestone Tires is making a comeback to the country, the agency created a relaxed environment for the media and the Bridgestone management team to socialize. Firestone Tires was presented to the guests in such a simple, flawless way to keep the limelight on the tire.

Even the venue setup embodied the personality of the brand, with the iconic Firestone red visible in most of the elements in the venue. With a huge branded panel, tire pedestal at the center, and TV screens on both sides of the panel, Firestone was introduced. The agency made sure that with this setup, the media will get their perfect product shots for their material.

We know the value of first hand experience with the brand adds credibility to the press release. And as much as we wanted everyone to try Firestone out, we decided to take a different route and gave a free set of Firestone tires instead. The raffle draw was the perfect end to the press event.

The agency is proud to usher the iconic Firestone’s comeback, and it’s here to last.