Combi-Nation Acappella Battle Grand Finals

Running on its second year, the Combi-Nation Acappella Battle that happened last October 21, 2017 at the Activity Center of TriNoma was more exciting and surprising than ever. Aside from the fact that this year’s grand prize doubled up, the acappella battle just got more twisted.

In certain events like this, we follow a formula that is proven and tested to put the brand front and center and to elicit brand recall. We know that sometime in the future this formula needs to be deconstructed, but at least for the meantime we know the formula works. To hype the masses, we created a “Combi Station,” or the area housing different activities. Mall goers can try and experience the brand through games and photo/video stations. The share-ability of photo and video booth online is crucial because the number of posts online determines how people received the activities: is it worth sharing to their friends? We had laptops connected to the internet to ensure that the guests can post their photos and videos online.

Now, to encourage them to participate, we offered an instant gratification in the form of a Combi crackers filled goodie bag because who can’t resist the sweet combination of crackers and wafers, right?

One thing we know to be true is that engagement is the key to success. And the key to a successful engagement is knowing and understanding the audience the event is catering. In this case, the brand caters to a broad market – from kids to moms to grandpa’s, we got them. Since the brand believes in the fun of different combinations, we then developed a set of games that is both easy and relatable to them. True enough, these no-brainer games were participated by a huge crowd.

With the right combination of different activities and understanding of the crowd, the experience would definitely be worth sharing.