Aston Martin DB11 V8-Powered Philippine Launch

Just recently, Aston Martin Manila launched the newest addition to their DB lineage, the icon reimagined, Aston Martin DB11 V8 at Shangri-La at The Fort, BGC. Unlike the brand’s previous events, we launched the DB11 V8 inviting both the media and VVIPs to an intimate dinner.

Since we have launched the first car of the Aston Martin’s second century, Aston Martin DB11 V12, a little while back, unveiling the same DB car with a different engine was a challenge the agency faced in conceptualizing the car’s reveal. For the love of beautiful. Guided by the brand’s newest campaign handle, the team cracked the code.

Aston Martin is a brand that is known for its distinguished design language, each car is crafted with certain precision and perfection, making all illustrious cars an art on its own. Aston Martin is conceived to add beauty to the world. They are created for the love of beautiful. And beauty should be celebrated, and that’s what we did in the launch of the Aston Martin DB11 V8.

Like a gallery housing magnificent works of art, we curated Aston Martin videos in such a way that the series told the brand’s story. Each video highlighted the brand’s distinct characteristic. Design perfection. Powerful engine. Innovative technology.

The videos built an excitement for the reveal of the DB11 V8, until finally, the time we’ve all been waiting for came. With the combination of epic music and playful lights show designed by the country’s esteemed lighting director/designer, John Batalla, as the curved LED screens are being lifted, the Aston Martin DB11 V8 was unveiled.

There are a million different ways on how one can tell the same story, and sometimes the best way to tell it is to let the beautiful beast speak for itself.