Aston Martin DB11 Philippine Launch

Our client, Aston Martin Manila, recently launched the first car of the brand’s Second Century, the newest in the illustrious DB line, the Aston Martin DB11. We conceptualized, master-planned, and executed a two-part launch on the same day in the Aston Martin Manila Showroom in The W Building Fifth Avenue in BGC.

Members of the Motoring Media were invited to an intimate luncheon where they got an exclusive look at the first and so far only Aston DB11 in the country. In the evening, VVIPs were invited to an elite, ultra-private affair so they may have a glimpse at the next Aston Martin they should be driving.

One of the major challenges seen from the get-go was the size and layout of the venue. The limited space had to be mapped out carefully to accommodate the vehicle display, stage, DJ table (for the evening), tech booth, food preparation room, and of course, the guests’ cocktail area.

Cables for all electric and electronic equipment used for both the lunch and evening events were secured and hidden from plain sight. In addition, the video cameras used to cover the event were wireless. This ensured the safety of all the guests, and at the same time matched the flawless design aesthetic of the brand.

The reveal of the Aston Martin DB11 is the main spectacle of the event; thus, the tall order is that it should be as exciting as unwrapping presents on Christmas Day. Working with the limitations of the venue, the team devised a plan that was feasible, but required perfect timing.

A play of lights and music built exhilaration that set the stage for the big reveal. On cue, the cloth covering the vehicle is pulled by a strong vacuum force and is cleanly hidden in a box.

The event’s overall technical direction was done purely through video monitoring, as the tech booth was situated in a room concealed by black cloth. The close coordination between the Event Director and the Stage Managers, which is done through wireless radio equipment, allowed for seamless cueing of the program sequence.

Stratminds Events collaborated with a very select array of premium suppliers for a watertight execution of the project plan – from staging and fabrication, to lights and sounds, and even catering.

The level of detailing for the launch mirrors the design and engineering of the Aston Martin DB11. The Stratminds Events Team is very proud to have been the agency commissioned for this event.